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Do Public Administrations obey the law?, An article by Elena B. Fernández-Castejón

Prof. Fernández-Castejón, Criminal Compliance Consultant of Plus Ethics, has recently published an article titled “Do Public Administrations obey the law? Towards the prevention of public corruption through the evaluation of regulatory compliance regarding the transparency of Local Administrations” in the International E-journal of Criminal Sciences in which she studies the levels of compliance with the law of Public Administrations in the province of Alicante, Spain.

The criminal legislative policy of recent decades in the field of corruption, described by the doctrine as expansive and punitive, has been and continues to be criticized by the scientific literature for the involvement of classic principles of Criminal Law, such as the principle of ultima ratio. In the field of public corruption, the spanish legislator has proposed in recent years an alternative for the prevention of this criminal phenomenon beyond Criminal Law since the enactment of the Transparency Law. For this reason, the study object of the article is proposed in order to quantify the phenomenon of compliance with the basic state transparency indicators.  

Prof. Fernández-Castejón has identified and operationalized basic transparency indicators and quantified the degree of compliance with basic transparency indicators.

In this study carried out by Prof. Fernández-Castejón, The results have been obtained based on the following extremes:

Degree of compliance of the average municipality per block of indicators.


List of items that are met less frequently.


List of items that are most frequently met.

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