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Advanced Training in Ethical and Legal Issues for European Innovation and Research

In the fast-evolving domain of research and innovation, mastering ethical and legal issues is not just beneficial—it’s crucial for the success of any project. Acknowledging this critical necessity, Plus Ethics offers specialized training courses and workshops designed to enhance the capabilities of researchers, R&D managers, and technology entrepreneurs engaged in the preparation and development of projects.

Tailored Training Programs to Equip Organizational Leaders

Understanding Key Ethics & Privacy Concepts

Dive deep into the core concepts of ethics and privacy essential for navigating the R&D EU landscape. Our courses provide a robust foundation in understanding and evaluating ethical considerations pivotal to your EU-funded projects.

Analyzing Ethical Issues

Gain insights into the prevalent ethical dilemmas within the realm of EU research and development, coupled with an understanding of the current state of moral reflection in this field.

Models for Ethical Decision-Making

Learn to develop and apply effective models for ethical decision-making that ensure integrity and compliance throughout the lifecycle of your EU-funded projects.

Tools for Ethical and Legal Approaches

Equip yourself and your team with practical tools to determine the best ethical and legal strategies for managing technological and scientific projects, particularly those related to European calls for proposals.

Ethics and Privacy Management Resources

Access an extensive array of resources, documents, and guidelines dedicated to the ethical and privacy management of projects funded by the European Commission.

Data Protection Regulations

Stay updated with the latest information on data protection laws and regulations that govern European research projects, ensuring your project aligns with legal requirements.

Practical and Solution-Oriented Learning

Our training programs are not just about imparting knowledge—they are about transforming it into action. We ensure that participants not only grasp theoretical concepts but also acquire practical skills and solutions to confidently tackle the ethical and legal complexities of EU innovation and research.

Empower Your Proyect Team with Plus Ethics Training

By integrating our advanced training, your team will not only meet the stringent requirements of European regulatory frameworks but will excel in ethical decision-making and privacy management, paving the way for successful and responsible project outcomes.