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Pioneering Ethical Innovation in European Research and Development

Founded in 2018 from the prestigious Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Plus Ethics is distinguished as a leader in ethics, privacy, and legal consultancy, specifically tailored for European R&D projects. Anchored in the excellence of one of Spain’s foremost research institutions, we bring academic rigor and industry expertise to every initiative, supporting both public and private sectors across Europe.

Expert Team, European Focus

Our team comprises top-tier ethics, privacy and social experts who specialize in the nuances of Eu regulatory frameworks. With extensive experience spanning multiple sectors, our professionals are adept at navigating the complex ethical landscapes specific to European research and development. Passionate and knowledgeable, we are dedicated to ensuring that EU-funded projects excel in ethical practice and compliance.

Comprehensive Services for European Compliance and Innovation

At Plus Ethics, we offer a full spectrum of services designed to meet the rigorous demands of European standards. From in-depth risk assessments in ethics and privacy to the development of customized policies that comply with EU regulations, our solutions are crafted to enhance the integrity and success of your projects.

Collaborative Approach to European Challenges

Understanding the unique challenges faced by EU-funded projects, we emphasize a collaborative, project-centric approach. We engage closely with our clients to deeply understand their specific contexts, enabling us to provide precise, actionable guidance that addresses the particular ethical and privacy challenges of operating within the EU.

Leading Ethical Practices for EU-funded Projects

Choosing Plus Ethics means partnering with a leader in fostering ethical excellence within the European innovation landscape. We help your projects not only meet today’s compliance ethics and regulatory requirements but also anticipate tomorrow’s ethical challenges. With us, your endeavor will lead in responsible innovation and set benchmarks in research ethics.



Dr. Francisco J. Castro Toledo

CEO and Co-founder


Dr. Fernando Miró Llinares

Co-founder and Senior Ethics Analyst




Flavia Roteda Ruffino

Project and Privacy Manager


Van Durmen

Jonathan Van Durmen

Project and financial manager




Alejandro Nicolás Sánchez



Pablo Cerezo Martínez



Drª. Dévika Pérez Medina



Sandra Pérez Domínguez



Associated Researchers

Dr. Tobias Gretenkort

Associated Researcher

Dr. Juan Olvido Perea-García

Associated Researcher

Drª. Ana Belén Gómez Bellvís

Associated Researcher


Drª. Caterine Arrabal Ward

Associated Researcher