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Ethical, Legal, and Privacy Support for Research and Innovation in EU-Funded Projects

In the dynamic realm of research and development supported by the European Commission and the private sector, addressing ethical, legal, and social considerations is not just important—it is essential. At Plus Ethics, we provide a cutting-edge support model tailored to both public and private institutions engaged in European-funded projects. Specializing in research, management, and training, we ensure that your project adheres to the most stringent regulatory standards, including GDPR, fundamental rights, and legal harmonisation, positioning you at the forefront of responsible innovation.

Our Expert Services Framework

Project Regulatory Compliance

We meticulously map out the international, national, and institutional regulatory frameworks to ensure your project’s full compliance. Our proactive approach helps navigate the complexities of regulatory landscapes across Europe.

Ethics and Privacy Risk Oversight

Our team actively monitors your adherence to legal and ethical standards and provides ongoing advice on protocols and training. This oversight ensures that any ethical or privacy challenges that arise during the implementation of your project are promptly addressed.

Social acceptability and impact

We conduct comprehensive ethical and legal studies based on solid evidence to shape new moral imperatives and enhance stakeholder acceptance of scientific and technological research. Our goal is to ensure that your innovations gain positive reception and broader societal approval.

Implementation of Ethics and Privacy Handbooks

Tailored codes of best practice are developed specifically for your project’s needs, providing clear guidelines for different stakeholders to follow, thus simplifying the complex landscape of ethical compliance.

Research on the Ethics of Innovation

Our experts review and analyze the current state of ethical considerations in innovation, identifying gaps and proposing solutions to bridge them. This research not only enriches the field but also ensures that your project is aligned with the latest ethical standards.

Commitment to Responsible Innovation

At Plus Ethics, our commitment extends beyond mere compliance. We strive to cultivate a culture of responsible innovation that is not only legally sound but also socially accepted and ethically exemplary. Partner with us to ensure that your EU-funded project not only meets but sets new standards in ethical and legal excellence.