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EU GREEN – The European University alliance for sustainability: responsible GRowth, inclusive Education and ENvironment – brings together nine peripheral regionally-anchored but globally oriented mid-sized universities from across the continent, each focused on a particular set of sustainability-related practices. Our ambition is born out of the conviction that we can better serve our students, territories and planet by working together to scale up and promote sustainability and address the major societal challenges identified in the 17 SDGs. Our name “GREEN” is an umbrella term for sustainability and reflects our mission to contribute to a more equitable society, a more balanced economy and a more viable environment. Our geographical position both within Europe and within our countries makes us peripheral, a term which we have chosen to embrace because the majority of Europeans actually live in peripheral regions. Being peripheral tends to translate into poor transport links, strong brain drain and major challenges linked to climate change. Together, we share a conviction that by promoting cooperation, synergies and complementary between us, we can build a new model for European Higher Education based on a notion of distributed excellence, conceived to ensure that all the regions of Europe can thrive, and are committed to inclusion and cooperation. We all have a strong positioning within our respective local territories and a strong focus on regional development, which entails, especially at a postgraduate level, a culture of collaboration between researchers and industry, government and community groups. By pooling our strengths across the board, EU GREEN will promote and extend a model for broadening its systemic approach to sustainability as a whole. Each partner’s competences and skills will be used not only to achieve a more significant and coherent mobility scheme within and beyond Europe, but also to share new approaches and methodologies


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