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Plus Ethics: A Key Ethics Partner at the APPRAISE Project Final Event

We are delighted to announce that Plus Ethics will be attending and participating in the highly anticipated APPRAISE Project Final Event, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 21-22 February 2024. As a key ethical partner in this ground-breaking initiative, Plus Ethics will play an important role in steering the discussions and outcomes towards ethical resilience in counter-terrorism efforts, with a particular focus on enhancing the security of soft targets.

The APPRAISE project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to protect public spaces from terrorist threats. This initiative emphasises not only technological advances, but also the integration of ethical considerations into the fabric of counter-terrorism strategies. Plus Ethics’ involvement represents a commitment to this holistic approach, ensuring that the project’s outcomes are not only effective, but also in line with the highest ethical standards.

As part of the event, Plus Ethics will contribute to several sessions, bringing their deep expertise in ethical analysis to discussions on surveillance, privacy and the balance between security measures and individual freedoms. Their participation is particularly important at a time when the ethical implications of security technologies are coming under increasing scrutiny. By involving Plus Ethics, the APPRAISE project underlines the importance of ethical guidance in the development and implementation of counter-terrorism measures.

This collaboration is an important milestone for the APPRAISE project. It reflects a wider recognition of the need to integrate ethical perspectives into the security domain to ensure that efforts to protect public spaces are conducted with respect for privacy, individual rights and societal values. Plus Ethics’ role as an ethical partner underlines its influence and leadership in promoting ethical standards in the context of counter-terrorism.

As we look forward to the event, we are confident that Plus Ethics’ involvement will strengthen the project’s commitment to securing public spaces in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner. Their participation is a testament to the project’s holistic approach to counter-terrorism, which values the protection of public spaces as well as the ethical considerations that underpin these efforts.

For more information on the APPRAISE project and a detailed agenda of events, please visit the official APPRAISE project website.