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Plus Ethics collaborates as an independent ethical advisor to the European GES4SEAS project

Plus Ethics is pleased to announce its collaboration as independent ethical advisors in the Horizon Europe project GES4SEAS – Achieving Good Environmental Status for maintaining ecosystem SErvices, by ASsessing integrated impacts of cumulative pressures. This Horizon Europe-funded project aims to minimize human pressures on the health of our marine environment and its biodiversity, as well as to ensure the continued provision of ecosystem services.

The Plus Ethics team will provide independent ethical advice to ensure that all project activities meet the highest ethical and integrity standards. In addition, it will work closely with the other project partners to ensure that the ethical perspective is carefully considered in all decisions and actions related to the project.

GES4SEAS will develop, test, demonstrate and scale up an innovative and flexible toolbox relevant to ecosystem-based adaptive management. This will support the Good Environmental Status in the context of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and support policies at national, European and international level. In addition, GES4SEAS solutions will be tested and demonstrated in 11 learning sites, including one in the Caribbean Sea.

The Plus Ethics team is excited to collaborate in this important and exciting project. We look forward to working with the other project partners to ensure that the project objectives are achieved in an ethical and sustainable manner.