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Plus Ethics develops and implements an Ethical Code for R+D projects

Plus Ethics has developed and implemented an Ethical Code for R+D projects in a Spanish company. The document gathers the guiding values ​​of the company’s research activity, as well as the scope and use of the principles of action in R+D, specially in Horizon 2020 projects.

A Code of Ethics is a formal document that explicitly expresses the values ​​of a company or organization and the acquired commitments that should guide the activity of the people that compose it. This document supposes a series of advantages widely contrasted against those organizations that do not have it. These are some of the advantages of the implementation of an ethical code:

Generates greater cultural cohesion in the company.

Improves the image of the company.

Decreases the risk of criminal commission and antisocial behavior of the members.

Increases motivation for work and employee satisfaction.

Generates commitment to stakeholders.

Positively affects the protection and care of consumers.

The Code of Ethics of the company, which participates in European projects, fosters ethical principles that should be at the base of its research activity; an ethical self-evaluation is included; and mechanisms for evaluating the social impact of each research and its results.

The document also details good research practices (protection of the environment or promotion of equality) and aspects related to privacy and the use of data (selection and processing of personal data, data security procedure or use and management). of classified information).