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The PCUMH spin-off Plus Ethics participates in the European project APPRAISE to improve security in public spaces through disruptive technologies.

Ensuring security against physical and cyber threats in public spaces through new technologies based on Big Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence or advanced visualization is the objective of the European project in which the spin-off Plus Ethics of the Science Park of the Miguel Hernández University (PCUMH) of Elche is participating. Specifically, this company will be responsible for implementing an ethical and legal model based on national and international reference frameworks that will serve as a guide for decision making and good practices.

This project, called APPRAISE, is part of the Horizon 2020 program, in the field of Security, and is coordinated by CS Group France. The initiative, which will last two years, is funded with 9.4 million euros. APPRAISE will involve, in addition to Plus Ethics, about thirty entities and institutions of different nationalities, including various research centers, industries, small and medium-sized enterprises and European Security Agencies such as National and Municipal Police and special forces.

Thus, the consortium formed by these entities will cooperate to ensure security against physical and cyber threats in public spaces such as stadiums, shopping malls or large events, always preserving the freedom of citizens. In this way, they seek to solve one of the challenges facing European societies. To create a comprehensive security framework with a proactive, integrated, risk-based and resilience-oriented approach, this consortium will draw on the latest advances in Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visualization.

Likewise, with the creation of this framework, the aim is to support collaboration between the private and public sectors, and to optimize the coordination of operations involving private security personnel, private operators and law enforcement. In this sense, APPRAISE will offer tools to predict and identify criminal and terrorist acts, and improve the operational collaboration of security agents before, during and after an incident occurs. All this while ensuring the compliance of these tools with current EU legislation and taking into consideration the level of public acceptance.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the technologies developed within the APPRAISE project, four pilot tests will be carried out at events of various kinds: a tennis tournament in Italy, a transnational cycling tour with stages in France and Spain, an international trade fair in Poland and a shopping mall in Slovenia.